For educators of the region:

  • all university teachers who will take part in the project will be able to apply new knowledge (new teaching methods) gained as a result of participation in project activities;

  • at least 200 school teachers in the Luhansk region will have access to modern educational methodology in their workplaces through the use of the infrastructure of 11 equipped methodological departments that will operate as one educational network; in particular, at least 20 seminars, workshops, etc. are expected to be held with the participation of highly professional speakers using a video conferencing system;

  • 9 additional equipped multifunctional zones for students, teachers, business representatives and the public will be created;

  • more than 150 school teachers and lecturers of the higher educational institutions will be able to take part in three large-scale conferences in the Open Space format to gain new experience;

  • at least nine five-day training seminars on modern teaching methods, practices, methods for school teachers and representatives of the higher education sector will be held;

  • at least 10% of the total number of teachers in Luhansk region will improve their skills within the project.