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Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University received a grant of EUR 1 582 841,75 from the European Union for the implementation of the project “Intensification of influence of teachers of the Luhansk region on the processes of reconciliation and peace-building” as the main contractor and coordinator within the project “EU Support to Displaced Higher Education Institutions in the East of Ukraine”.

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additional equipped multifunctional areas for students, teachers, business representatives and the public


school teachers in Luhansk region will have access to modern educational methodology at their workplaces


five-day training seminars on modern teaching methods, practices, methods for school teachers


and more school teachers and university lecturers will be able to take part in three large-scale conferences in the Open Space format

The project provides

a complex of measures based on various activities that should achieve the following results

For the population:

the number of residents of Luhansk region who will participate in projects with international funding should increase fivefold; the number …

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For educators of the region:

all university teachers who will take part in the project will be able to apply new knowledge (new teaching methods) …

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For students and pupils:

introduction of at least nine modern educational programs, in particular on the development of critical thinking, increasing social competence, increasing …

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The project team is now focused on developing a model of modern educational services in accordance with EU educational standards …

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